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New Career Opportunities from Taurus Power & Controls in Kent, WA

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    New Career Opportunities from Taurus Power & Controls in Kent, WA

    Don't miss this chance to join a great team on the West Coast and learn under the guidance of Senior Test technicians, in all aspects of acceptance and maintenance testing of power distribution equipment and operation of the test equipment needed to perform the job.

    Hiring: Power Systems Test Technician - Kent, WA

    For over 35 years, Taurus has built a reputation for understanding projects inside and out –leaving a job better than we found it. From our engineers, project managers, fabricators, technicians, power and support staff, we are driven by our passion for what we do and our customer’s success. As dedicated CSIA members, we align with our industry’s best practices for ongoing business and financial stability in the industrial and municipal engineering industry.

    Learn more: https://testguy.net/threads/8385-Hir...nician-Kent-WA


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