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NETA Level 3 Exam Tips Sept 2021

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    NETA Level 3 Exam Tips Sept 2021

    Well missed it by that much.... Anyway there were a couple of questions that I remember.

    1. The question asked why a SF6 switch was not transported with gas in it. The choices were environmental
    reasons, could damage seals in shipping and a couple others.

    2. There was a question about SI and what it represents. The choices were Hertz, Amps, Volts and Joules
    I looked this one up and SI is a standard of measurement and in electrical applications it is Amperes so I
    guess amps would have been the answer.

    3. There was a question about three control transformers in an open format with a common neutral. The question
    was what would they be used for.

    A word of advise on that test anyway there were more questions on Scada systems, types of fiber optics, no logic questions and not a lot of questions on safety. There were about five questions involving calculations and a couple of circuit questions. I felt like there were quote a few questions on isolating circuits for testing and they were given graphically and in worded questions. There were also quite a few questions on testing relays. Study your ANSI numbers there were quite a few questions that only used the devise numbers in the questions. Just an FYI I have quite a few study tests on Quizlet for device numbers and other items. I also found an app called Arc Flash 101 in the apple app store. It is free and has a lot of great info on it. Well hope this info can help anyone.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Im supposed to go for my three later this month. Anything scada is foreign to me


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