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Collinite Cleaners: Which do you use?

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    Collinite Cleaners: Which do you use?

    New techs often wonder about the different Collinite cleaners and their uses, so I figured we could do a quick run down and get some opinions on this stuff. Which of these have you used in the past and do you like any alternatives better?

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    I've only personally used Collinite 240 for HV porcelain in outdoor switchyards and it reminds me of Turtle Wax, which can also be used from what I'm told (never tried it). The grit and wax shines and protects the proceleain so that water can easily bead and run off to prevent tracking.

    Collinite 237 is a great all around cleaner for nearly everything including porcelain. Its kind of thin and watery with a slight abrasion. You might need to use this to get off hard grime and then finish off the job with 240 for protection.

    I don't have any experience with S-238 but know some linemen use them on fiberglass parts and bucket trucks. We typically use Rainbow or Voltz for insulated tools and such.

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    I've had to use each in different scenarios. Just my experience.
    240 cleaner/protector is great all around product. And the most time saving.
    Only on 2 sites have I used the cleaner and wax separately as part of a requirement of the customer. I don't know if the product is better really but I do like the single step process over the 2 step process more though.


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