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Excel Calculator

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    Excel Calculator

    What do you guys do to help remember calculations? I'm in front of a computer all day using PowerDB. I try to share calculations with our "younger/newer" guys. So to help them, I create common spreadsheets to calculate common things. Most of the time, pulling out a calculator is faster when you know the formulas. But sometimes we have to teach.

    I've got all kinds of stuff I have created. I am working on uploading them to my site. But I figure I would toss something out, and see if other people do the same as me.

    What do you guys do?

    This is a circuit breaker MVA calculator. It calculates the exact MVA rating, and provides 2 options for MVA ratings. Some breakers are not equipped with MVA ratings and you are left to calculate the MVA rating. For some, this is an easy task. But I make my spreadsheets include the Formula, so there is no hidden secret. This is a learning device. Use it if it helps!

    MVA Calc.xlsx


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