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Just Passed the NETA Level 2 Test

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  1. martigan is offline Junior Member Pro Subscriber
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    Just Passed the NETA Level 2 Test

    I'm not going to give any question hints because they've already been covered in recent posts. What I am going to say is that I spoke with Ken Bassett early last year, and we talked about how this test has changed over the past six years. I told him that guys would study the questions on the practice tests and pass easily...then the test changed, and almost nobody was passing. It was then modified to what we have today. Ken said that someone could still focus on the testguy practice tests and pass, but must understand the theory behind the questions, not just memorize the answers.

    That's what I did...focused on the theory. Also, make sure you memorize the formulas. There were maybe 5 or so questions that I didn't know and had to guess.

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  3. rahjos87700 is offline Junior Member Pro Subscriber
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    Passed the test 02/11/20

    A lot of questions were tricky you have to read very carefully to understand them answers are also similar, if you understand the theory behind the questions given in the test guy you should be ok.
    Read the study guide at least once then give practice exams
    I initially could not pass the practice exams passed only one practice test right before the exams

    Test guy practice exams is a good tool study topics like
    CT calculations
    Motor calculation
    Power triangle
    Form A, B C nd D
    Power triangle
    Transformer turns ratio
    Glove class, Types and colors
    Capacitor basics and testing
    RLC circuit calculation
    Resistance inductance and capacitance in series and parallel calculation
    XL and XC calculation
    Power factor calculation
    P,Q and S calculation
    Inverse extremely inverse and moderately inverse curve application
    Symbol of transformer, rectifier
    Transformer Bank and single phase transformer
    Limited approach boundary, arch flash boundary
    PPE ratings
    Wave trap application

    don't guess the answers use elimination method.

    Hope this helps
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  5. mrmarcus813 is offline Junior Member Pro Subscriber
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    This does help a lot. Thanks for the insight!

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  7. Timotheus is offline Junior Member Pro Subscriber
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    This does help as I am just beginning to study for the level 2 now.


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