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NETA Level 2 Study Tips December 2019

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    Nov 2019

    NETA Level 2 Study Tips December 2019

    I recently took my level 2 along with a few other guys where I work. Not everybody passed but here is what was on our tests. Some of this may already be posted in other threads but other parts are new:

    Test focused mainly on math, transformers, relays

    Picture of main tie an asking if a switch will open when tie opens

    Relay numbers, what does this device do?

    Basic ANSI device numbers (know 21,27,32,50,51,52,59,87)

    One or two questions on mechanical relays operation such as “pick up current was low, what setting needs to be
    moved” etc.

    Differential relaying theory (basics)

    Know Shading coils

    Not much on safety, two confined space questions

    What defines a confined space?

    Can someone attend more than two manholes?

    “When is it acceptable to wear cotton clothing?” In regards to voltage levels

    Electrical rubber glove classes (max use voltage) and inspection dates

    One guy said no questions on 1910.137

    Know PCB reporting requirements - 10 pounds

    protective ground sizes and functionality

    LOTO process

    How much torque at this horsepower?

    Basics of thermography (emissivity etc)

    Looking at infrared image, no temp points, just scale. Approximate the temperature in the area indicated.

    600a real power with theta angle, what is the reactive power?

    Know how to find kVARs

    Know how to find power factor

    Know your power triangle in general

    CT polarity and gf scenarios, what is the secondary current, is this wired properly

    Bar type ct picture in a switchgear with an arrow asking what is this

    A few pictures with items like a CT being pointed to and asking what it is

    Circuit breaker one-line symbols

    Where to test on a switch for contact resistance, point 1 and 9

    Basic kirchhoff law, proportional calcs

    What color sticker for acceptance? white

    Diagram with open contact on top and closed contact on bottom, type c or class c

    Voltage drop across resistors in series and parallel

    Total resistance calculations in very basic circuits

    What is the total inductance? Series and parallel

    Know contact resistance and how it works

    Ductor readings - which one is acceptable?

    Generator testing

    One line drawings in general

    General knowledge of power factor testing

    Ground testing (know the values in ohms)

    Understand grounding principles

    One or two questions on fiber optics

    Know the value (15%) in which fuses fail

    Read your MTS and ATS! Quite a few questions lifted straight from those two.

    Know medium voltage testing requirements

    NEMA enclosure ratings

    Familiarize yourself with anti pump characteristics and blow out coils

    % allowable for transformer winding resistance

    What properties transformer oil shows when it has arced / broke down?

    Know the uses of meters and the leads associated


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