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Calculating PF

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    Calculating PF

    Given 750KVA and a PF of .75, what KVAR is needed to get at PF of .95?

    Unknowns= KW and KVAR1 and KVAR2
    First solve for Ų
    PF=COSŲ Ų=41.4
    Next solve for W
    COSŲ=W/VA 750,000*COS(41.4)=562500 Watts or 562.5KW
    We don't need to solve for the KVAR1

    New system of PF of .95
    Solve for Ų=18.2
    Next solve for VAR
    TANŲ=VAR/W 562500*TAN(18.2)= 184940.59 185=KVAR is the needed KVAR


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