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Power factor testing mode of operation

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    Power factor testing mode of operation

    What mode of operation of a power factor set is used for a C1 test?

    Correct Answer: UST

    What is a C1 Test?

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    C1 test refers to power factor testing a condenser busing, specifically the main insulation.

    Bushings may be classified as being equipped, or not equipped, with a potential tap or power-factor test tap or electrode. “Potential” taps are sometimes also referred to as “capacitance” or “voltage” taps.

    Modern bushings rated above 69 kV are usually equipped with potential taps. Bushings rated 69 kV and below may also be equipped with power-factor taps. In the power-factor tap design, the ground layer of the bushing core is tapped and terminated in a miniature bushing on the main bushing mounting flange.

    The tap is connected to the grounded mounting flange by a screw cap on the miniature bushing housing. With the grounding cap removed, the tap terminal is available as a low-voltage terminal for a UST measurement on the main bushing insulation, C1 conductor to tapped layer.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Read "Doble Test Procedures" Section 3. Bushings


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