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NETA Level III Study Group??

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    Jan 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Warrengarber View Post
    Would anyone like to participate in a online study group? I have tried passing this exam three times now and each time I am a little closer but still not there. There must be a way to get a study group together online so we could all help each other study and pass this exam. Just a thought especially sense they just opened up the testing for end of October beginning of November. Only a month left!
    This is actually a great idea. I'm taking the level 3 this Friday. I already failed the level 3 by 10 points so hopefully ill make it this time. If I don't I would love to get a group together.

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    Dec 2014
    Huntsville, AL
    Iím totally down to join. I havenít read through the full thread.

    Iím planning to take my test on the next rotation, February.

    Iím pretty confident. I have a literal lifetime of experience around electrical testing, as my grandfather is still running his business from late 50ís early 60ís.

    Iím experienced in a lot of things in the industry, apparatus voltages all the way up to 550kV Iíve had hands on. Itís just that I really donít have relay experience.

    Iím thinking about making a thread, but Iíve heard from several people that the test is heavy with relay questions. I know a little more than the basics, but I am worried about that..

    My coworker just passed his level 4, and he was surprised by how easy it was for him. Heís urging me to take my level 3...I wasnít ever able to even try to take it working for my grandfather. It took me years to get his approval/meet his standards to even take the level 2.

    Sorry for posting without reading the other 3 pages, but it would be really nice to get some help. My current company doesnít offer anything for studying, and the amount I have to work, I donít have the time to really do it myself either..:/

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    NETA Level 3 Exam


    I recently pass my level three exam.

    The preparation i took was the following:

    -Symmetrical Components
    -Trigonometry (Right Triangle, Adding Vectors)
    -Inductance / Capacitance (Circuits)
    -Basic Relay Wiring Connections
    -ANSI Codes
    -Logic Gates
    -NETA Standards (Insulation resistance test voltage for transformers and motors, Dielectric Withstand test voltages, IR Scanning)
    -Transformer Ratios
    -Circuit Switcher standards

    The Key is to read the questions more than once. The questions make you feel like theirs more than one answer, but their only is one CORRECT answer.

    Good luck.

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    Dec 2014
    Huntsville, AL
    Thanks, Juan! That really helps..not having any real direction, outside of here, is the hardest thing of preparing. And Iíve heard that the forum and articles are the best sources of information regarding the level 3 test after the change.

    I almost screwed up my level 2 test a few years back, right before the tests were changed. I finished in 15 minutes, and I couldnít believe I couldíve possibly done it right.. While in panic mode, I went back through my test 5 times changing answers and doubting my reasoning on the first time around...stupid.lol

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    Aug 2018
    Was this study group ever started? Taking the test in a few weeks and wouldn't mind a little group focused studying, especially if people that passed the level III were the ones guiding the group.

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