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How to wire a rust inhibitor pump to half the zones on a sprinkler system

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    How to wire a rust inhibitor pump to half the zones on a sprinkler system

    Hi guys.

    I have a pump that dispenses a rust inhibitor for my sprinkler system due to having well water. I donít need the pump on for all zones. How do I wire the pump to only turn on for 8 of the 14 zones?

    The system uses 24 volt low amp. The current setup is a wire that runs from the sprinkler control box labeled pump, that goes hot when any sprinkler zone goes hot/comes on, to a box with a relay in it that turns the injection pump on.

    The solution for the rust inhibitor, is kind of expensive and only needs to be injected when a sprinkler zone is next to my concrete.

    I do not want to use 8 individual relays, and I'm not even sure if that would work for fear of feed back to the other wires.

    So my thought is, does anyone make a 24 vac multi-input relay/switch that would allow 8 individual input wires that would have 1 output wire that would go to the relay for the injection pump?

    Or does anyone else have an idea that might help?

    Thanks, Kevin.


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