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Server Upgrades

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    Server Upgrades

    In an effort to improve the performance and overall user experience at TestGuy, we are pleased to officially announce the recent upgrade of our web servers. Our new Tier 1 ISP servers have 4x the RAM and processing resources as before, meaning pages are delivered faster while being able to support more users on the site at a single time.

    We have also upgraded our mail servers for improved delivery of our email notifications and account activations. Sending mail from these highly trusted servers means our website emails won't get caught up by spam filters and are sent at lightning speeds.

    Along with our new servers come upgrades to our various software engines for better performance and greater security. We have also updated our practice exam software with more efficient code, meaning users should notice much faster load times over previous versions.

    Please contact our support staff if you receive any errors or notice anything out of place while using the site and we will work to get things resoled as quick as we can. Big thank you to all TestGuy Pro subscribers, your support helps make upgrades like these possible!


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