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Level III Questions, seen recently (from memory bear with me), help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderer20001us View Post
    See NEC 230.95 (A) Max pick up setting is 1200A. Maximum time delay is 1 sec for fault current of 3000A or more. What the answers seem to imply is that 1 second it the maximum delay from pick up setting to 3000A. Most GFR's I can think of on bolted pressure switch setups have a definitely time delay after pickup with max of 1 sec, so the time delay would be 1 sec at 1200A pickup. Electronic breakers with GF can have I^2T slope functions, and the knee point at pickup can be above 1 sec, but is always below 1 sec by 3000A. But this would allow for a timing at a 1200A pickup of 2 secs in many cases. Code only specifies that the time delay has to be 1 second or less at 3000A.
    Thank you. I bet that is one that I have been missing and thinking I got it right. Much appreciated!!

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