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Level III Questions, seen recently (from memory bear with me), help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecondGen View Post
    Step 1: Calculate the needed Voltage Drop by subtracting the 2 voltages

    125V - 24V = 101V

    Step 2: Calculate the needed Resistance using ohms law: R = V / I

    101V / 0.500 = 202 Ohms

    Step 3: Calculate Resistor Wattage from the Current and Resistance using P = I2R

    0.500 x 0.500 x 202 = 50.5W
    is that means that two resistors connected in series?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdrowe View Post
    An ATS does not transfer from utility to generator. The generator is running and producing voltage. Which of the following is the cause of it not transferring?
    A) The breaker feeding the ATS did not open
    B) battery does not have enough charge to operate the ATS
    C) Frequency of the generator is too low
    D) Service only lost one phase
    I just completed the Exam today and this question was on it. However, it had more to the scenario. Something to the effect of the utility power was lost at the start. This to me helped me to rule out D which implies the power was not completely lost. I chose C in the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdrowe View Post
    According to the NFPA 70, what is the max allowable time delay results for a ground fault relay to operate?
    A) 1 second at 1200 amps
    B) 3 sec at 3000 amps
    C) 5 sec at 1200 amps
    D) At the actual available fault current
    i found that the book said 1 sec at 3000+ amps
    This one was also on mine and one of the choices was 1 sec at 3000 amps which is exactly what you found. I would like to know what book it was found in??

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    SF6 Gage measures what?

    Quote Originally Posted by dvansick2345 View Post
    I would of said density or level but I'm not sure
    The answer is Density. I remember this bening a topic of discussion from one of the pop quizzes in the NETA World publications in the last couple years. Its also somewhere in the study guide that NETA has. The one with a combined set of pop quizzes from all past issues.

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