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New NETA 4 Exam Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by roberts311 View Post
    I can follow all the math except where the 12.5 number came from. Can anyone fill me in on what I missed?
    It just popped into my head the other night: 100% 8% = 12.5. Vernon multiplies by 12.5 rather than dividing by 0.08.

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    Quote Originally Posted by testguy View Post
    This is an excellent point. It cant be emphasized enough that when taking the practice exam its important to focus on the subject matter rather than the actual question and answer. We are looking into implementing a similar feature that stops showing you questions after answering them correctly a certain number of times. This way users who frequently take exams will continue to see fresh questions in subsequent exams.
    Yes, im about 2 months out from taking my level 4 test. trying to determine how to best spend my study time...im using old test questions as a starting point as where to begin digging deeper.

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