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Should I HIPOT before or after other tests?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ-Jokes View Post

    I'm trying to understand if there is a standard practice of running the insulation testing after or before other tests due to the possibility of one set of tests affecting the other set of tests. These are all AC units and we are conducting an AC HiPOT test.

    The above answers look perfectly fine (1000V DC Insulation tester)

    However, it appears that you are doing a repetitive production of some electrical cooling system. If this is to be sold in the consumer or industrial marketplace, you may need to do an electrical compliance check of some sort, with calibrated instruments.

    There are instruments that specifically do compliance testing. They are intended for production manufacturing, which I assume is what you are doing.

    They can also be rented, if you just doing a single temporary run of the product.

    Here's one brand of those instruments:
    They have both calibrated HiPots and Ground Bond testers. You can also automate the tests if you have a lot to do.

    Another, more expensive brand is Haefley.

    I am not associated with either of these companies. Just letting you know what manufacturers use for this type of work.

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    Meg Meg

    DC insulation resistance often called megging. run it at 500VDC and you should be good you can run it at 1000VDC but I would start low and go up. A 1 minute test is kind of the standard for testing insulation. Megger has a great write up on insulation resistance if you want to take your knowledge a little further. Its short and written in plain English. Google "Megger A stitch in time," it should have a downloadable pdf of the write up.

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