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How hard is it to get new test equipment at your company?

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    Really good about it

    Quote Originally Posted by wrh9278 View Post
    It can be like pulling teeth at mine. It's embarrassing when I have to pull out some my older pieces around customers. What's even worse is when equipment finally breaks and you get stuck with "the loaner."
    To be honest my company spends the money to have good test equipment. Usually a brand new big piece every year and some smaller pieces to. Just got us a new primary injection set last month.

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    And I thought I had it bad...

    With my company, it's mainly dealing with IT issues. My company calibrates our equipment and generally takes good care of us if we need new/updated equipment. That being said, we do have some of the older sets (CTER, old Signalcrafter sets, 2253's) that we keep ready to go just in case. Biggest pain in the ass is dragging around multiple computers because we have to keep our test computers "clean" to maintain compliance when talking to BES microprocessor relays.

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    Feeling the pain in this thread. We are about half and half where I work, some equipment is new but we have many pieces that are outdated and have "special calibration" status.

    Another problem is that stuff gets passed around so much it ends up getting abused, so you end up with broken or missing pieces. The IT department sucks where I'm at also - I've been working with an I3, integrated graphics, and 4GB of RAM for over 5 years now.

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    I guess its the same no matter where you work.

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    I work for a small testing company, they usually have no problem buying test equipment if it's needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chils15 View Post
    I guess its the same no matter where you work.
    Every company want's to keep costs down and test equipment is a huge expense. I have found that renting test equipment is a great option.

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    test equipment

    Quote Originally Posted by Achandler View Post
    It has always been a bit of a struggle but with recent management problems it has become a nightmare!
    I started out as a test technician in the 70s and later started a testing group for an international company. When I would have to use an outside contractor I would observe the conditional of their equipment. If they have "beat up" equipment that was missing covers and hinges I would have some caution. If they do not take care of their expensive equipment then why would they take care of my equipment. Calibration stickers can be made up the week or day before starting a job so I am not a fond believer in a calibration sticker on a meter or device.

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