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Don't miss out on these free upcoming webinars!

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    Don't miss out on these free upcoming webinars!

    Arc-Flash Protection Saves Lives (9/30/2015 @ 2PM-3PM EDT)
    In this webinar by Schweitzer, you will learn about the benefits of having fast and reliable arc-flash protection, as well as the pros and cons of different arc-flash detection methodologies. In addition, the webinar will show actual arc-flash incidents that were protected by the SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relay.
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    Improvements in Transformer Winding Resistance Testing (10/16/2015 @ 11AM-12PM EDT)
    Winding resistance testing can often take significant time, and with today's high demands on the electric grid, there is ever increasing time pressure to work faster. In this free webinar by Megger you will learn about modern diagnostic techniques used to perform winding resistance testing.
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    These seem amazing! Looking forward to it!


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