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Launched in Fall 2011, TestGuy is a knowledge base dedicated to the fine art of power distribution testing, maintenance and troubleshooting.

We offer a variety of learning tools and informational resources to help individuals of all levels advance their electrical careers and gain industry recognized certification.

United States 44%
India 13%
Canada 9%
New Users 82%
Bounce Rate 80%
Oganic Reach 100%




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We have many advertising options and term lengths available to help promote your business, no order is too big or small.

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Naturally embeded, non-intrusive display and text ads served directly from TestGuy servers.

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We deliver fully branded power distribution news content directly to the audience who is most interested.


Stand out and be seen with exclusive ad-placement.

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Reach new channels and build your social presence.

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Become more recognizable in the power industry.

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Tailor a plan that will deliver the most bang for your buck.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Non-subscribers with ad blocking software installed should still see banner ads because our direct advertisements are not served from an advertising network – but please keep in mind there are no guarantees as some ad-blocking software is highly sophisticated.

  • Pleased be advised that we offer brand awareness only and cannot guarantee a specific number of clicks or impressions for any advertising campaign.

  • Paid subscribers will not see banner ads when logged into their account as they pay for ad-free browsing. Sponsored content and press-releases are most effective in targeting these users.

  • Its important to know that our direct ads cannot be targeted to any specific geo-location or demographic, meaning your ads will appear on the site worldwide. This may be of concern if don’t want your ad shown to users outside of the United States or other location.

  • Unlike display advertising, technical articles and press releases are indexed by search engines and can remain live on the website for many years. We can also share your release with our various social media outlets, increasing the "link juice" back to your site.

  • Sponsorship advertising space will not be shared with other advertisers. This option offers much more brand awareness as you are the exclusive advertiser on a page or entire section of TestGuy.