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How did you get started in testing?

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    How did you get started in testing?

    Just curious as to how everyone got started in electrical testing. I started out working as a residential electrician helper many years ago and then signed up with my local union to get into the apprenticeship program because it paid more. After working as a journeyman for many years work started to get slow and a buddy of mine put in a good word for me at the testing company he was working for. I was later hired and it wasn't long after I earned my NETA Level II and III certification, now the rest is history...
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    I started very early on working with the local electrical utility in my area with the line crews. A few years later I moved into the testing division but have since left and now work for a small testing firm.
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    Found my company through a jobs fair. Its a medium sized test company who was looking for some summer help and I just stuck with it. Later on I was eventually given the opportunity to become neta 2 certified. Before I got into testing I was working as a residential HVAC tech and hated it.
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    Electrician in London

    I worked as an electrician a long time. Working for local and commercial parties and currently active in this job.
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