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Test Question--High Current Injection

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    Test Question--High Current Injection

    I disagree that my answer was wrong. The question:

    7. To test the long time delay function of a breaker which is set for 1000 amps ___________ test current is needed.
    From memory answers were:
    a. 1000A
    b. 1500A
    c. 3000A
    d. Need more information

    I chose D, because both B and C could be correct. I also wondered if it was a trick question with the wording. LTD is set in time, they don't specify that 1000 amps is the LT pickup. My answer was marked wrong. If LTD was always to be tested at 3x, then we wouldn't need TCC's, just a standard range. I've tested a 4000a breaker at 8000 to keep a test set from overheating. It would take a lot of time, but I could test the long time function of a 1000a pickup at 1500 amps.

    I dislike that in some questions, tricks are tricks, yet in others, the generic standard seems to be the right answer.

    Anyone else stumble on this?
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    It would be C

    You could test the pickup value at 1000, but the question ask for time delay which would be 3x the rated current which would be the answer C, 3000.
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