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Megger "br.d" error code

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    Megger "br.d" error code

    Does anyone know what "br.d" means on the megger MIT 515? Got this error code today measuring a open vacuum bottle line to load. After pressing the TEST button the instrument showed the error right away. I have never seen this code before.
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    Megger error codes

    Here are some common on-screen warning codes for Megger:

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    br.d = Breakdown detection

    If insulation breakdown is detected, the unit aborts the test and flashes “brd” and the final test result alternately in the main digital display. This display is disabled when in burn mode as the unit will continue the test without aborting. The instrument detects breakdown in terms of a rapid drop in test voltage commensurate with that caused by an arc across or though the insulation under test.

    In breakdown mode the test will automatically terminate on detection of a breakdown to prevent damage to the insulation. Burn mode disables the normal breakdown detection and test voltage continues after breakdown of the insulation. This enables the location of the failure to be seen and detected acoustically but it is a destructive test

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    nSE = Extremely High Noise

    Should an extremely high level of noise be present, particularly at the start of a test, the instrument will indicate nSE (Noise). The instrument will require switching off and on again to reset. In certain rare circumstances breakdown of the circuit under test may interfere with the sensitive current measuring circuit. In this event the unit stops and also displays nSE. The instrument will again require switching off and on again to reset.

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    (Waveform) = Noise Detected

    A level of noise exceeding the instruments specified capability will be indicated by an alternating sine wave on the display. The test continues while displaying the noise. If the noise drops back down the normal display is resumed. The black and grey waveforms are displayed alternately while the noise is present. When the noise is removed the wave form is replaced by the correct reading.

    Source comes from a Megger MIT 1020 manual but I would imagine they would be the same for MIT 515. Here is the link
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