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Level III Test Question (Recent 7/16)

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    Jul 2016

    Level III Test Question (Recent 7/16)

    Thoughts on this?

    A utility defines their horizontal bus at the customer point as ABC left to right facing the customer with ABC rotation. The customer defines their buses as ABC left to right facing the utility but with CBA rotation. For a first time connection the customer has to:

    A: Swap A & B phases and leave phase sequence alone
    B: Swap B & C phases and leave phase sequence alone
    C: Leave phasing alone and change phase sequence to ABC
    D: leave phasing and phase sequence alone.

    I guessed D because and don't know if I'm right. Is there a proper procedure here? Explain if possible.
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    May 2016
    I would also choose D. Utility is Rotating A-B-C left to right, so if customer is wired C-B-A then the rotation would naturally be C-B-A left to right. What gets confusing is which side of the line you are looking at. They try to trick you by saying "facing the utility" or "facing the customer". It's easier if you draw it out and flip it around.

    A-B-C (Utility)
    C-B-A (Customer)
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    I took the exam last Friday 1-27-17 and answered this question with D also.
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