(cbslocal.com) It was the hottest day of the summer in New York City on Saturday. CBS2ís Murdock reported we start to get relief late Monday into Tuesday. However, that canít come soon enough for New Yorkers who lost power, as there are more than 4,000 outages for New York City and Westchester County, according to Con Edison.

The heat is putting a big strain on the power supply. In Jackson Heights, Queens, residents escaped their hot, dark homes and jammed into a city bus that had air conditioning on high, CBS2ís Dave Carlin reported. CBS2ís Vanessa Murdock reported the high was 96 degrees, but adding in the humidity, it felt like 110 outside.

ďI felt like as if I was getting suffocated by the heat,Ē said Joshua Lovato. In this and some other cases, it is believed overhead wires simply overheated and sparked. On Utica Avenue in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a melted power line next to a gas station came down sizzling, and without warning.

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