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NETA II test 7/13/2016 is different

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    Feb 2016
    Are the practice exams on here still helpful for the new format?
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    Apr 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by glenjr View Post
    No sir I take the test nxt thursday. I heard through a lot of friends the test is completely different now, they made it a lot harder and different since most companies had the answers to the test.
    Any word on this test yet??
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    hot tuna

    Quote Originally Posted by mildtuna View Post
    Any word on this test yet??
    i dont think you need to worry mild tuna, 91% in 60 min pfft
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    Jun 2016
    We got out results from July testing in about September. Most did not pass. I think we had a pass rate of around 3/20+ on that test. Most of the guys had been using testguy and other resources but very few took the time to actually research the NETA recommended study materials.

    The testguy stuff is great but I think we will start to see more people having issues with the test as it is pretty different from what you see here. Almost everyone I tested with was breezing through the testguy questions and they almost all failed, so take don't base your confidence off the testguy results.
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