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NETA 4 seemed kinda cheesy to me...

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    Oct 2015

    NETA 4 seemed kinda cheesy to me...

    I somehow expected more out of the exam. There was a good bit of hype about how tough the exam was, but it seemed kinda cheesy to me. I had tougher circuits problems on my Level 3 exam.

    Make sure you understand how to calculate through-fault current on a transformer. Know how to determine the pick-up point on a relay installed on the primary winding of a transformer if you're looking to protect for a secondary side fault. Know basic test instrument questions. Know common ANSI device numbers. I had been hearing that there was a lot of watt-hour meter questions, but I believe my exam only had 1 or 2 on that topic.

    There were several questions that I didn't know, but I could reason my way through. Several of the questions have at least 2 answers that are dead throw-aways. At that point, you're down to a 50/50 shot at right or wrong.

    Good luck to all of you going forward!
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    Jan 2016
    Good info..thanks

    and on my way..passed 2 last week

    3 will be in july

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