Before downloading test results to your PC from a Megger insulation tester you need to install the appropriate drivers. This guide is for users who are having trouble installing the driver through Megger Download Manager on Windows 7 or users who are using software other than Download Manager (such as PowerDB) to manage test data.

The instrument used in this guide was a Megger MIT520 but this driver installation procedure should work for other test instruments as well.

Step 1: Plug the instrument into your computer with the supplied USB cable. You should get an error message indicating that the driver software could not be installed.

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Step 2: Open the Windows Device Manager (procedure here) and look for "USB Serial Port" under the Other devices branch. Right click on this device and select Update Driver Software from the menu.

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Step 3: When prompted, select "Browse my computer for driver software" to search for the driver manually.

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Step 4: Insert the software CD that was supplied with the test instrument and then choose "Browse..." to locate the driver.

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Step 5: Find the driver by navigating to <cd drive>:\documents\driver000 and click OK. The driver location may vary depending on your specific test instrument.

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Step 6: Click next to install the driver.

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Step 7: After installation is complete click Close.

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You should see a port number next to Megger Device, note this for configuring additional software to work with the test instrument.

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A note about PowerDB: The first time I started power db after installing the driver it took longer than usual to load. After getting impatient, I restarted my machine. The software loaded faster after a restart.