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Cable Insulation Precentage

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    Cable Insulation Precentage

    I incorrectly answered the following question. Can someone explain to me what the cable markings mean and provide a link? From reading online it looks like the marking means a medium voltage cable with a normal temperature rating of 90 degrees and an insulation thickness is 175mils. Is the insulation percentage a certain value since the cable is medium voltage? i.e. for MV anything above say 100mils is 100%, anything above 200mils is 133% and anything above 300 mils is 175%?

    What is the insulation level of a cable marked MV-90/175mils?
    Correct Answer: 100%

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    For medium voltage cables, insulation levels greater than 100% are intended to provide an additional safety factor for the un-faulted phase conductors in the event of a fault on one phase in a three phase system.

    Insulation thickness’ for medium voltage cables can be obtained from ICEA standards. Check out this link for more information:
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