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Cable hi-pot step voltage test

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    Apr 2014

    Cable hi-pot step voltage test

    When testing HV cable with a DC hi-pot, how many of you raise your test voltage in steps each minute and record the values? This test is not specified in NETA from what I can tell but I notice some guys do it while others will just slowly bring up voltage and let it hold for 15 minutes. Does it make a difference one way or the other?
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    It depends. Generally speaking I will do a step test when acceptance testing MV cable with a test voltage higher than 40 KV, or on a really long run. I do this only because you can trip the hipot with charging current if you bring up voltage to fast, doing the step test gives lets the leakage current settle before moving to the next step. Of course you want to always raise your voltage slowly anyway. For maintenance testing it is probably always a good idea to do the step test so you can predict if the cable will fail. Testing cable that has been in service for longer than 5 years can get sketchy.
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