Feeling overwhelmed while trying to navigate the site? Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your testguy.net membership.

Customize your appearance around the site with an avatar. You can upload your own picture or choose a generic one. This image will be visible to other users alongside your forum posts. You can change or remove your avatar at any time in the User Control Panel.

Add us on Social Media.
Get TestGuy updates in your news feed on LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, twitter, and Facebook. You may also put links to your own social media pages on your profile by adding them in your User Control Panel.

Use the search bar to find what you are looking for. The search bar is located on every page near the navigation menus. Use advanced search for more detailed search options.

Add some flair. This isnt Chotchkie's, but the flair box gives you a place to add a funny quote or other text near your avatar. Whatever you enter will appear along with your avatar inside the forum. You can add flair by editing your profile.

Subscribe to your favorite threads. This is similar to bookmarking your content on testguy. You will automatically be subscribed to threads you create and reply to. You can manually subscribe to a thread by opening the “Thread Tools” menu, located at the top the thread you wish to subscribe, and select “Subscribe to this thread.” Access your subscribed threads through the User Control Panel . To learn more about subscriptions, click here.

Add a short bio to your profile. This will help to give other members insight into your experience within the industry and why you are here. Click here to add your bio.

Stay in touch with email alerts. By default you will be emailed instantly whenever someone replies to a thread you have created or posted in. This option can be changed in the User Control Panel to send you only one email per day or one email per week. You may also disable this option if you wish.

Use the TestGuy Messaging System to send private messages to other testguy members. You will get an email whenever you receive a message in your testguy inbox by default. You can choose who can send you private messages or even disable this option all together from the User Control Panel. Click here to learn more about private messaging.

Accept Email From Administrators. We send out emails periodically to inform users of new features and other updates to the site. Set your email preferences in the User Control Panel. Be sure to add testguy.net to your trusted sender list to prevent our emails from being blocked by email SPAM filters.

Display Your NETA Certification Level underneath your username to receive special recognition from other members around the site. Click here to learn how.