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Testing spec calls for low-resistance "Megger Testing" to inspect for high resistance

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    Dec 2014

    Testing spec calls for low-resistance "Megger Testing" to inspect for high resistance

    Found this in a commissioning spec and it made me chuckle so I figured I would share it.
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    Everything is a megger

    That's funny because it seems like the stereotype of test technicians is everything that we do involves using a "megger." I couldn't count how many times people have asked me if I was there to "megger the equipment." One time a guy even pointed to my high current test set and said "that's a really big megger."
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    I've seen several specs refer to megger testing when the design engineer is not familiar with acceptance testing. Megger test seems to be the most widely known so we often hear people ask for megger tests on equipment, whether its appropriate or not.
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    Sounds like another rough copy of the NETA spec calling for one of three methods for checking bolted connections. i see little pieces of the NETA spec copied into testing scopes from GCs and comm engineers alot. But hey megger probably makes a DLRO anyway haha.
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