• ETT Level 4.1: Safety

    Learn advanced knowledge and skills in the application of safety equipment and NFPA 70E including uncommon safety situations

    1. Safety equipment selection - Identify the safety needs of the project and specify equipment and practices required.
      • Using Personal Protective Grounds in Industrial Facilities [PDF] The primary purpose of personal protective grounding is to provide adequate protection against electrical shock causing death or injury to personnel while working on de-energized lines or equipment. For medium- and high-voltage applications, protective grounds are required as part of the lockout/tagout program.
      • Analyzing Electrical Hazards in the Workplace [PDF] In analyzing electrical hazards in any industry, we must follow a path that will lead to a comprehensive analysis of the problems that exist and provide a quantified value to ensure the selection of appropriate PPE and clothing.
      • Action After Analysis [PDF] After a hazard analysis has been completed, a clear and enforceable safe work program must be instituted.
    2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in the application of safety equipment
      • Safety and Medium-Voltage Starters [PDF] The use of the correct voltage detection equipment by qualified persons and using remote switching and racking would eliminate most injuries.
      • Combining Safety with No-Outage Testing [PDF] Certain types of activities on and around energized equipment are more dangerous than others and while proper safety guidelines must be followed at all times, also realize that the chances of an incident occurring during some activities are greater than others.
      • Arc-Energy Mitigation Techniques [PDF] It is a safety imperative to reduce incident energy levels to the lowest possible value and/or eliminate the exposure of your workers.
    3. Be knowledgeable of NFPA 70E including uncommon safety situations

    External links are provided by our community of test technicians. Please submit any resources that you feel may be helpful to this topic.

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