• ETT Level 3.7: General Test Equipment

    Learn how to perform and interpret insulation tests, thermographic surveys, ratio tests, and power factor tests.

    1. Insulation tests - Perform, interpret, and evaluate insulation tests including resistance, dielectric absorption, polarization index, tip-up, and applied voltage withstand.
    2. Thermographic survey - Have the ability to perform, interpret, and evaluate a thermographic survey on electrical distribution systems. Interpret results in order to evaluate the condition of the equipment surveyed.
    3. Ratio and relative polarity - Correctly apply voltage or current to one set of windings and measure the output of associated windings to determine ratio, polarity, and/or phase relationship. Evaluate test results.
    4. Power-factor/dissipation-factor testing - Perform, interpret, and evaluate standard insulation power-factor/dissipation-factor tests on electrical power equipment, including transformers, breakers, cables, bushings, rotating equipment, and insulating liquids.

    External links are provided by our community of test technicians. Please submit any resources that you feel may be helpful to this topic.

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