• ETT Level 4.19: Capacitors, Reactors and Surge Protection

    Learn how to understand calculation of capacitor sizing for power-factor correction, reactor sizing for fault limiting, and calculation for correct surge protection rating.

    1. Advanced knowledge - Understand calculation of capacitor sizing for power-factor correction. Understand reactor sizing for fault limiting. Understand calculation for correct surge protection rating.
      1. Understanding Surge Protective Device Ratings The surge rating or kA rating of an SPD is one of the most misunderstood ratings. Customers commonly ask for an SPD to protect their 200A panel. There's also a tendency to think that the larger the panel, the larger the kA device rating needs to be for protection.
      2. What You Need to Know About Surge Protection Devices [PDF]This document provides appropriate surge testing guidelines for equipment survivability, methods of test connection, surge coupling mode definitions, testing safety requirements and various theories of surge suppression techniques.
      3. Surge Protection Reference Guide [PDF] Companies spend billions of dollars on equipment and facilities every year. But few of them realize that this investment is at risk if the power source is not properly protected. This guide will explain the importance of protecting your power, identify the challenges and solutions for power protection, describe the quality standards and applications involved, and much more.
      4. Defining Size and Location of Capacitor in Electrical System

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