• ETT Level 4.16 Grounding

    Learn the methods of enhancing effectiveness of grounding systems.

    1. Ground system enhancement - Be knowledgeable of methods of enhancing effectiveness of grounding systems.
      • A Look at Fault Currents [PDF] An adequate grounding system is able to deal successfully with fault conditions.
      • Telecommunications and the Single Point Ground [PDF] The utilization of a single point ground is recommended practice in order to eliminate voltage gradients around the electrical system.
      • A Look at Concrete Encased Electrodes [PDF] Building footings properly utilized can be an untapped resource for low cost yet effective grounding enhancement.
      • Step and Touch Potentials [PDF] Substation grounding must dissipate normal and fault currents without exceeding operating or equipment limits or adversely affecting continuity of service in addition to assuring safety of workers and civilian personnel who happen to be walking in the vicinity.
      • Grounding for Mission-Critical Power Systems [PDF] Designing, commissioning, and maintaining the electrical networks of commercial facilities such as telecommunication server farms and Internet data centers are technically complex projects.
      • Suggestions for Grounding a Computer Room [PDF] The goal is to establish and maintain an equipotential plane for all equipment in order to avoid voltage differences. This begins with a good neutral-to-ground bond at the power treatment device or in the secondary of the transformer feeding the computer room.

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