• ETT Level 4.5: System Analysis and Operation

    Learn how to interpret and apply short circuit and coordination data, equipment failure analysis, and microprocessor based power monitoring and control systems.

    1. Short-circuit and coordination studies - Interpret and apply data extracted from the short circuit and coordination pertaining to the project.
    2. Equipment failure analysis - Investigate power or protective system faults or malfunctions to determine cause and corrective action required.
    3. SCADA/DCS - Recognize and understand basic requirements, equipment, and configuration of SCADA/DCS systems.
    4. Microprocessor-based power monitoring and control systems
      • Internet-Accessible Power Monitoring and Control Systems [PDF] Accessing electrical system information from any location allows the system manager to provide quicker command and control of intelligent devices.
      • Advanced Spectral Analysis [PDF] This article discusses the fundamentals of these new currentdemodulation methods and shows how they are being used to identify both electrical and mechanical anomalies existing in plants today. It also discusses how using this new feature helps bridge the communication barrier between the mechanical and electrical departments relating to vibration and electrical power analysis.
      • Energy Spent on Installing Power Quality Monitoring Pays Off in Industrial and Commercial Environments [PDF] The need to monitor power quality in the industrial and commercial areas from the point of generation through the point of use is unquestionable. But the value of monitoring goes beyond reacting to a specific event.
      • 9 Most Common Power Quality Problems The most common types of Power Quality problems are presented below along with their description, causes and consequences, including Voltage sag (or dip), Very short interruptions, Long interruptions, Voltage spike, Voltage swell, Harmonic distortion, Voltage fluctuation, Noise, and Voltage Unbalance.

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